February 13, 2014

Random Thoughts: Do I still need to fill my already thick brows?

I always watch vloggers and read about bloggers complaining about their thin eyebrows. I was born with a really thick pair and has always told that I am so lucky to have them. Yes it's really effortless and easy to groom them everyday but it requires some maintenance too. It grows too quick! Whenever I cut, shave or thread my brows it grows really quick. It's like they know that they're being trimmed or something. It's kind of a pain too specially whenever you're in a hurry and you only have a few minutes to put on makeup and noticed that your brows grew too quick. Hey, you don't want to go out looking like a Gorilla.

Other than trimming or threading my brows, I also need to fill it. Though it's really thick already, there are parts that is uneven and some strands may be rebellious. That is why I've been using In2it waterproof brow powder. Before, I thought my brows cannot look even better because it's full already, but after trying this product I convinced myself that it needs some more filling. It helps fill the bald spots and make my brows look really organized.

In2it waterproof brow powder (Php 299)

This brow powder also comes in three different shades. From lighter to darker, you can choose what shade you prefer. I personally like the lightest because I have really dark brows already so this shade tones it down a bit and it emphasizes my brows too.

Left: without brow powder | Right: with brow powder

Notice that my so-called "bald spots" are gone and it results in much healthier and full looking brows. Having full brows adds youthfulness to the look. This is my first brow product so I won't say it's the best out there but it works just fine for me.

So girls with really full brows out there, worry no more. You just need to trim and shave or thread it regularly and fill some parts to attain healthy looking brows. Don't worry if they don't look exactly the same because "Eyebrows are not twins, they're sisters."


  1. You have beuaitul brows. I also have thick ones, but a few years back I decided I wanted them thinner and almost ruined them completely! They thankfully grew back, but there are tiny bits that didn't and I usually need a brow kit for them to look pretty. I regret plucking them, now!

    Tha kits seems really nice and it's great hat it works for you.