February 27, 2014

Friday Foodie: Snack Shack

Whenever I'm hungry and just don't know what to eat, I stop being a lipstick monster and become a burger monster instead. It is my all-time "food-to-go" and I enjoy it so much that I don't mind consuming a lot. Two weeks ago my office mates decided on a food trip at U.P. Diliman and tried this burger joint Snack Shack. Surprisingly, it's really tasty for a cheap price, in other words "Sulit".

Photo credit: http://www.pepper.ph/ghetto-grub-snack-shack/ 

I ordered a Quarter-pounder with additional cheese for only Php 85. The serving is big that it served as my dinner already. Though the patty occasionally have some tiny bit of bones, it's really tasty and the way it is grilled is mouth-watering.

This is me and my office mate Regina of Edible Cravings enjoying our burgers. Overall, if you want to devour a budget-friendly but super yummy burger try Snack Shack. Though the line is quite long and the cooking time will consume some of your patience, it's really worth it. Snack Shack is conveniently located at U.P. Diliman Area 2 and Sikatuna V.Luna Ext. Quezon  City. 


  1. I love their burger! I just don't like the bone bits that's included in the patty.

    Read about my review here: http://ediblecravings.net/2014/02/14/ffff-snack-shack-burger/