February 6, 2014

Friday Foodie: Chocolate Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Last Sunday was so far my most awesome Sunday this year. It's probably the day when I consumed the most calories too! Me and my husband decided to make it a cheat day since we can't run that day because he's recovering from his flu. We had Shakey's Buy 1 Take 1 pizza for lunch using our Shakey's card, Starbucks for dinner, and finally hauled some sinful chocolates from SM Department store. Since Valentine's Day is approaching, I think this post will be helpful if you're looking for chocolate gift ideas for your better half.

Meiji Meltykiss in Strawberry (Php 140 )
First, we got this Meiji Meltykiss chocolate. I remember seeing it on my food blogger friend's post. It's a limited edition strawberry flavored dark chocolate. It is not that sweet but it has the right amount of dark chocolate taste and strawberry blended together.

Meiji Almond Chocolate (Php 110)

I believe this one's a classic. I remember eating it a lot before when I was in high school and college. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to find it while browsing some chocolate and immediately got one since I know that it brings the right amount of satisfaction. If you love almonds and nuts on you chocolate, this one will perfectly do it for you.

36 Chocola's Crispy Caramel (Php 170)

Upon tasting this chocolate for the first time, I cursed myself for not buying two of this instead. I will throw the other chocolates we bought just to get another one of this. It's my fault I didn't believe my husband when he told me that this pringle-looking chocolate is one of the best. The way it looks doesn't justify how it tastes. Taste it for yourself to find out! ;)


  1. Thanks for linking my Meiji post. You're post got me intrigued with the 36 Chocola's. I saw The green one in SM Hypermarket over the weekend but I didn't buy one.

    1. If you're gonna try it, buy this Caramel instead. Migs told me it's better than the green one. I'm so excited to eat it again..

  2. OMG I wanna try Chocola's :) looks yummy