March 10, 2014

Foodgasm IV: Craving 4 More!

Hello everyone! Last Saturday night my husband and I attended the Foodgasm IV: Craving 4 More event at BGC. It was such a delightful experience for us because it is our first time to attend an event like it where we got to judge different up-and-coming food businesses. It is so awesome to witness a lot of innovative products and ideas. Again, thanks to the UP Economics Society for giving me a chance to join this event. It was such an honor to be part of it.
We were expecting heavy traffic along C5 but we're lucky that it's not that much so we arrived earlier than expected. Much to my Migs' delight, the Turf soccer field is just beside Mercato Centrale. He's a soccer fan so we just killed the time by watching the games. The location is easy to find and we enjoyed the place because it is so peaceful and the security is great as well.

The Mechanics: Food bloggers and chefs are each given a piece of score sheet to rate each of the food participants. Each stalls have their specialty that they offer. We have to make them sign the sheet after we got the sample and rate them from a scale of one to five with five being the highest and one the lowest. We, food bloggers, have the extra option of voting for the Expert's Choice Recipe and the Most Innovative Recipe, while the foodies can choose the People's Choice award.

The People's Choice Award went to Niku Niku's crabstick. It's a fried crabstick with tempura breading wrapped in seaweed and dressed in kewpie mayo. It may sound so simple but it tastes yummy and it's so crunchy that I guarantee everyone will enjoy. The crabsticks used were perhaps fresh because my husband (who's unfortunately allergic to seafood) didn't get his allergies triggered and even went on to buy a separate batch.

Niku Niku's crab meat

Niku Niku owner receiving his award

The Most Innovative Award went to Country Fries! The girl with the yellow cap is a good sales person. It's just sad that I did not get the chance to take a picture of their product which was a Japanese okonomiyaki style of french fries. It had seaweed strips around it, bacon, mayo dressing, and the okonomiyaki sauce of course. I'll update this post with ate's pose when she's explaining their products to me.

Here it is!!

The Expert's Choice Award went to Ruby Red Kitchen. Yay! It's my husband and I's favorite. It's the only stall that went for something other than a sweet dessert or an oily snack. Their Monkey breads tastes so divine that I wouldn't mind eating them everyday for breakfast with a cup of hot coffee. I particularly loved the Parmesan Herb Monkey bread which was served with marinara or cream cheese dips while my husband liked the Original Cinnamon one. Indeed they deserve this award because every expert will know that they hit the spot. 

Ruby Red's Parmesan Herb Monkey bread

Ruby Red's Kitchen owner receiving her award

The Overall Champion is Hunger Buster! It's a simple burger with cheese, mushroom and bacon. The outstanding factor is their patty which was made with Monterey beef (as my husband asked the owner of what meat they used). It resembles Tropical Hut's signature patty with its juiciness and softness.

Hunger Buster's sample mini burgers

Hunger Buster owner receiving his award

There are stalls that didn't win but I think are worth mentioning too. First is Cuptain Cakes. I love their Batak Sesame Cupcake because you get to taste the black sesame flavor blending well with the chocolate. I just hope that they moisted it a bit more but overall, their presentation and stall looks so outstanding.

Cuptain Cakes Batak Sesame Cupcakes

Cuptain Cakes cute owner posing for my shot

Checkout the cute names of their cupcakes which were perhaps inspired by the baker who's a gym buff.

Pastillas Flan is my husband's favorite. True to its word, their flan is smooth, decadent, and it melts in your mouth like magic. You can tell that the quality of their flan is great because it possessed the right density and it didn't have any bubble marks which shows that it was made with pure egg yolks. The downside though is that some people may overlook it as the regular leche flan.

Pastillas Flan

The Lipstick Monster enjoying the Pastillas Flan

Cooking Ina's Gourmet Chocolate Rhum Balls is one of my personal favorites. I love the hint of rum and the dark chocolate taste when combined. The downside though is that it's not for everybody. Kids may not enjoy it because they cannot appreciate that kind of taste just yet.

Cooking Ina's Gourmet Chocolate Rhum Balls

 Chili Chili Bang Bang

 Chili Chili Bang Bang Bite the Bullet Chili

 The Happy Monster

The Happy Monster Elvis Pie tastes like Starbucks' Banoffee pie!

The Happy Monster Elvis Pie

 Chorizo de Cebu PH 

  Chorizo de Cebu PH 

Cupcakes Couture

Cupcakes Couture Oreo Whoopie Cupcakes

Cupcakes Couture cupcakes

Foodgasm IV Food Bloggers

Foodgasm IV Food Bloggers: Thoughts of a Lipstick Monster

#Foodgasm #Craving4More

Another great thing about this event is that I got to meet Rattus of Beauty on a Shoestring Budget. Yay! She found out about this event in one of my post and went for it. She's a beauty blogger like me and we've been commenting on each other's post since I started blogging and it's so nice to finally meet her. I enjoyed her company that night and it's nice to know that she equally enjoyed the event. Check out what Rattus' has to say about this event here.

Overall, I enjoyed every bit of the experience. It's really nice to finally try a different thing other than my comfort zone and I have to thank my food blogger friend Regina of Edible Cravings for referring me to the UP Economics society. It was an awesome initiation to the whole food event thing and I'm totally craving 4 more! :)


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed this event :)

  2. Nice to finally meet you in person and thanks for the loot, I heard there's another food event in May let's go for it =)